Driving Advancements in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


PAK Publications

Fully integrated downstream process to enable next-generation manufacturing

Abstract Next‐generation manufacturing (NGM) has evolved over the past decade to a point where large biopharmaceutical organizations are making large…

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Relevant Publications

Current challenges and recent advances on the path towards continuous biomanufacturing

Abstract Continuous biopharmaceutical manufacturing is currently a field of intense research due to its potential to make the entire production…

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Integrated continuous biomanufacturing on pilot scale for acid‐sensitive monoclonal antibodies

Abstract In this study, we demonstrated the first, to our knowledge, integrated continuous bioprocess (ICB) designed for the production of…

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End-to-end collaboration to transform biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Abstract An ambitious 10‐year collaborative program is described to invent, design, demonstrate, and support commercialization of integrated biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology…

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Continuous downstream processing for biomanufacturing: an industry review

Abstract BioPhorum’s First Edition Technology Roadmap outlines a ten-year vision for therapeutic protein production in the biopharmaceutical industry. This paper…

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Multistage continuous countercurrent diafiltration for formulation of monoclonal antibodies

Abstract There is growing interest in the development of fully integrated and continuous biomanufacturing processes for the production of monoclonal…

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Single pass diafiltration integrated into a fully continuous mAb purification process

Abstract The concept of continuous manufacturing has gained significant interest from the biopharmaceutical industry over the past several years. Benefits…

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