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Patent Granted for PAK Flow Kit

06 Apr 2021

Fairfax, VA – PAK BioSolutions has been awarded its first patent for a “Therapeutic Protein Flow Kit for a Continuous Purification System” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  U.S. patent 10,981,950 was granted on March 31, 2021.  The solid flow kit includes piping, instrumentation connections and a vessel for a single step of a continuous purification process.

The first generation of the flow kit is designed to purify 50L to 200L of cell culture media per day and has a volume of approximately ½ gallon.  The free standing, compact nature of this flow kit significantly reduces the bench space required for a continuous purification process.  Up to four flow kits can be installed in a PAK automated system to enable a multitude of purification steps to be performed simultaneously.

The innovative design of the flow kit provides the foundation for the PAK technologies.  The company continues to engineer novel solutions to further develop its flow kit and automation capabilities to drastically increase biopharmaceutical manufacturing productivity and reduce drug costs.

See more on the flow kit here – 500ml Single Use Flow Kit | PAK BioSolutions.

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