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PAK BioSolutions Founded

05 Oct 2018

Fairfax, VA – PAK BioSolutions, Inc. was recently founded and today welcomes on board Vice-President and co-founder Kevin Hill-Byrne.  The company’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for end-to-end continuous manufacture of biopharmaceuticals with increased productivity, lower capital costs and a smaller footprint.  The company will offer automated systems for batch sizes that range from 2-20,000 liters of cell culture and a proprietary disposable flow kit.  The first system, planned for release in 2020, is a pilot scale unit for purification of 50 to 500 liters of cell culture.

Previously, President and co-founder Joanna Pezzini developed the continuous purification lab at AstraZeneca along with co-founder Kevin Hill-Byrne and board member Lindsay Arnold. “We are developing the system we wished we had available to us, but didn’t.  We wanted to create a complete package so that each company doesn’t need to develop an entire system from the ground up.”

Kevin Hill-Byrne will lead the automation efforts, a significant undertaking for an end-to-end system.  All process steps need to not only work independently, but in sync with all other stages of the system to achieve a consistent mass flow rate from the bioreactor through to the final UFDF steps.  “I am thrilled to have Kevin working on this project – his automation experience is practically tailored to our company’s needs,” said Joanna Pezzini.

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