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PAK BioSolutions Announces Grant from NCATS, FDA, CDC

08 Aug 2022

Vienna, VA – PAK BioSolutions, Inc. (PAK BioSolutions or the Company), a biotechnology company developing products for the continuous purification of cell culture materials such as monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of infections, announced today the receipt of a Phase I grant from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program of the NIH, FDA, and CDC. The $325,000 grant under Grant Number 1R43TR003975-01A is focused on generating a laboratory scale system for continuous purification of biopharmaceuticals and demonstrating its increased efficiency and productivity.

Joanna Pezzini, President of PAK BioSolutions, said, “We are very excited to receive this SBIR grant, which supports the development of our MicroPAK system. This system allows scientists to perform laboratory scale experiments for continuous processes under the PAK automation framework, running up to four separate downstream processing steps simultaneously.   The ability to perform scaled down studies will further improve the adoption rate of continuous processing in the industry, bringing streamlined production of drugs in less time and less space than the industry standard.”

About PAK BioSolutions, Inc.

PAK BioSolutions, Inc. is a biotechnology company commercializing a continuous purification system for cell culture products. PAK BioSolutions is developing a novel system that allows for the simultaneous operation of four steps in the manufacturing process, simplifying the production of biopharmaceuticals. This system is mainly used for purifying monoclonal antibodies, which may be administered to patients as life-saving infusions that fight infections. Currently, this manufacturing process requires four separate systems that perform only one function each and is usually conducted in batches where one function must be completed before moving on to the next. Due to these difficulties, production is expensive and time-consuming. The main product of PAK BioSolutions, the Pilot PAK, saves space, money, and time by performing multiple steps of the purification process simultaneously and continuously within a single automated system, increasing the efficiency and reliability of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Prototypes are available for sale.

For further information regarding PAK BioSolutions, Inc., please visit the Company’s website at www.pakbiosolutions.com.

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